How do you engage Generation Z and make your events relevant

How do you engage Generation Z and make your events relevant

Generation Z are the tech gurus, they network across multiple platforms simultaneously, they need immediate information and live a life of convenience.

What do event managers need to consider?

Invitations – All their information is already tied to multiple social media accounts – try working with an event partner to use this as their registration account but don’t forget their privacy!

Planning – They don’t plan, they request the information at the time they need it – so sending your joining instructions weeks in advance has no benefit.

Technology – This generation is the tech-savvy ones; they don’t need print outs or event packs room dropped.  Ensure all information is available online or in your event app and the queries will be limited.

Attention Span – They are multi-tasking constantly and their attention span is minimal.  If you really want to engage this generation in your event you need to make the content relevant, fun and useful.  Hour-long workshops won’t keep their attention, instead, short sessions with an interactive focus are key.

Visual Displays – Create wow moments that this generation can share on social media and then sit back and take advantage of the free marketing.

Conversations – They are creative and entrepreneurial, ask them for their opinion and feedback to keep your events relevant and appealing to Generation Z.