entertainment options for your event

entertainment options for your event

when you host an event, you want it to be a night to remember that will leave your guests talking about it. here at seven events, we have some entertainment recommendations to enhance your event and leave your guests wanting more.

digital caricatures

a caricature is a picture of a person, where certain characteristics are exaggerated for humour. digital caricatures are created in a short amount of time, the artist will wander about the party and guests can be drawn. it is a great gift and memento for your guests that will remind them of your event.


magicians are known for catching people’s attention, the wow factor of the magic typically leaves a lasting effect on the guests as they question how the magic displayed is possible. it is great when the magician allows the guests to be a part of the trick, it will create an atmosphere and leave guests with a smile on their face.

photo experiences

there are plenty of ways to capture photos at an event, from a photographer to a photo booth. guests love a memento, having a photobooth at your event, allows your guests to take their photo with various fun props and to take it home with them at the end. photographers are great at capturing candid shots, memorable moments of your guests at ease. it documents the true story of the event from the start to end.

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