Epic Formula to Find the Best Venue for Any Event in London

Find the Best Venue for Any Event in London

Epic Formula to Find the Best Venue for Any Event in London

Finding the best venue for an event in London is no easy task as there are many options to choose from in this fantastic city. So rather than going in full steam ahead without any kind of plan, take a look at our ‘Epic Formula’ and see how you can find the best venue for you…

Who has the knowledge to help me?


With such a plethora of venues to choose from it is hard to know where to start, so my advice would be to help find a venue, use a venue finder or venue finding agency. Their knowledge is key to saving you both time and money when starting your search. By asking the right questions they should automatically have ideas at the ready as to what is going to work best for the event that you are holding. The key to finding the perfect venue is knowledge and a good relationship and this is where a venue finding agency can really add value to your search.

What is the type of event you’re holding?


It may seem a simple question but until we know what type of event you are holding, then we really cannot narrow down the search to find you that perfect venue. Whether it be a conference venue, white canvas space, party venue or a venue for a product launch there are many out there to choose from but ensuring your venue finder understands your brief is the place to start.

Any information you can give them is a help, no matter how big or small, so give your venue finder as much background knowledge about your event as possible.

Understanding the brief


To go to a venue finder for help if they are good they are will ask you for a full event brief. This will consist of everything from date and timings of your event, to a location within London, types of venues you prefer and whether you have any style preferences. The answers to these questions allow your venue finder to really narrow down the numerous venues in London and make suggestions that are really going to wow you, ensuring they find you the best venue!

What are ‘must have’s’ and what are ‘nice to have’s’?


This seems like a strange question but ultimately is an important one. In an ideal world a good venue finding agency will be able to find you that one venue that delivers on all your requirements. However, imagining that maybe you are working to a tight deadline, meaning that lead time is short, then establishing what are must have’s and what are nice to have’s prove incredibly important.

For example you may love the idea of having some outside space, which in London, is not abundant in all venues but is something that can be found, however, if the room is light, bright and airy with great views the garden could become a ‘nice to have’ rather than a must have.

Must have’s are generally elements such as needs to be an auditorium, or needs to be a conference room with daylight. Letting your venue finding agency in on your thoughts proves essential in your finding the right venue.

What questions do you ask the venue?


Use your knowledge of the event to ask the venue questions that are going to deliver the answers you need. For example, if a specific type of catering is a massive requirement for your event then understanding the venues preferred supplier list or their in house catering is a must. Understanding how the venue works along with their suppliers is a crucial element in ensuring that you pick the best venue for your event in London. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good venue finder understands what venues are best to deal with and often this is based on how quickly they come back to them with answers, along with whether they deliver what they’ve promised.

How do I get the best possible rate?


The beauty of working with a venue finder or venue finding agency is that they have the relationship with the venue already. This relationship is key to ensuring that you get the best deal possible. As agencies they will get better rates that you would do directly. They have much great buying power and in turn are therefore able to negotiate strongly on your behalf. Use this to your advantage not only in ensuring the best possible rate but also in the contract and payment terms that they can agree to. Once you find the best venue for you, make sure you are getting the best rate.

Go and see the venue


Again this seems like a simple statement but it is amazing how different venues can be when you see them in the flesh. You know your event, you know the people attending and you know what feel you’re looking for from a venue so go and see it. We often see the front runner from a proposal change once you go and visit in person so if in doubt go and check it out to really get a feel of the venue. As yourself is this the right venue for your event? Can you see your event happening here?

If you follow our ‘epic formula’ then we’re sure that you will find the best venue for any event in London. Asking the right questions of the right people will make this happen. Remember there are so many fantastic venues in London that if you narrow down the requirements the perfect venue is just a few short steps away.