Escape to the Future

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Escape to the Future

Escape to the Future

We kicked off the summer party season with Escaping to the Future for our clients Summer Off Site for 600 guests at the Print Works London. A futuristic theme was perfect for our cutting edge consultancy client, who are striving to shape the future of finance. Playing on the futuristic theme the conference content, focussed on looking into the future and aligning the company with upcoming plans for the business.


Print Works London is one of the newest and most talked about venues on the block, offering vast warehouse spaces in a former printing factory, and home of the Metro and Evening Standard. The venue was selected for its industrial architecture and original features that created the perfect backdrop for a Futuristic landscape.


The futuristic journey began right from arrival, as guests entered HSBC, short for original high speed bagging company. This vast space started the event off with an element of mystery, with a lit corridor created for registration, in the darkened space. At the end of the walkway an Escape to the Future gobo was projected onto the back corrugated steel wall for the first hint to guests of the theme to unfold. Kicking off with lunch guests headed out into the yard for street food catering by Kerb Camden. The diverse selection included street food greats from Bill and Beak, Luxury Flats and My Pie.


Following lunch guests were ushered into Reel Storage for the conference element of the event. Kicking off with a few laughs from comedian Paul Sinah who opened the show and introduced the following line up. The speakers kept to the theme with content focused on aligning the employees with the future plans of the business. The set design was a real showpiece with cutting edge LED wall technology incorporated to display the client’s logo while adding a colourful space age finish.


To conclude the business element of the event, a Richard O’Brien look alike surprised guests by sweeping in from the back of the room with mummy’s in tow to announce the Crystal Maze Challenge to follow. With 600 guests then divided into 64 teams, guests made their way to Vanway and Publishing to compete in challenges including Labyrinth, Snake Swamp, Minefield Madness, Dungeon Dilemma and many more. Working in teams of 8 to 10, the groups competed against each other to win crystals in the hope of making it to the Crystal Dome. With the industrial backdrop of print works and shutter style doors between the spaces, this high energy activity really came to life, keeping guests engaged throughout in a fast paced and exciting session. To conclude guests headed back to the yard for a drinks reception and Dome finale.


Then it was PARTY time and the guests were in for the ultimate futuristic spectacular. Ushered into the back of Reel Storage, at the bottom of a metal staircase leading to a closed metal shutter. Lights began to spin and a Gobo projection, Escape to the Future was the focal point as the shutter slowly rose, to reveal strobe lighting and smoke and a 9ft Globot performing to the Star Wars theme tune. With a roar of anticipation and with phones flashing, guests were then invited into the final space, The Press Halls. Saving the best to last this huge sound proofed space was dressed with chromosphere LED lights hanging in neon shades and video mapping neon lighting to highlight the original printing press that created a centre piece for the DJ.


Partying until 2am, guests enjoyed more street food catering and unlimited booze, alongside an action packed DJ set, a pyrotechnics show from Globot and glitter artists adding space age sparkle. Excitement was at a high throughout and guests commented on it being the BEST party yet!