What’s in an Event Planner’s Survival Kit

What’s in an Event Planner’s Survival Kit

The most crucial quality of a professional event planner is his ability to quickly solve problems as they occur before or during the event – mitigating various issues is where he earns his salary, so being prepared for anything is essential in doing a good job.

But how do the best performers at event production companies in London make sure that they are always ready?

Well, their secret is having a survival kit that comes in handy in countless situations throughout the event planning process or doing the event itself.

Putting together a kit of the essential supplies and tools is crucial, as you don’t want to be left scrambling to find what you need in a situation where you need to fix it in a few minutes or risk the entire event falling apart.

So, below, let’s explore the most important things you should include in your survival kit that you would find in the bag of any professional event planner.

Mobile Internet

The digital world plays a crucial part in almost any event.

Whether you’re organising a conference or a wedding, you will need to stay connected to broadcast media, post on social media, and stay in touch with your team.

And since WiFi at venues can’t always be trusted, you need to have a reliable 4G or 5G mobile hotspot that you can fall back on just in case.

Collaboration System

If you’re organising a bigger event, trying to keep in touch with everyone on your team can be a hassle, so you should adopt the modern technology used today and employ a communication tool like Glip or Slack.

These tools allow you to segment your teams according to projects and make sure that everyone is in the loop about the newest decisions and the most urgent tasks that need to be taken care of.

Tool Box

One thing that’s unavoidable in almost any type of event is something breaking – whether it’s as simple as a leg of a table, or something more complicated, having a toolbox with all of the essential tools, as well as items such as superglue, duct tape, and a tape measure, is absolutely essential.

Medical Kit

You don’t want to scramble looking for a plaster or a bandage in case someone suffers a minor injury, and you also need to have the basic medicines for an upset stomach or a headache to make sure your event goes according to plan.

By putting together a simple medical kit, you can ensure that you’ll be prepared for many common situations and will be able to avoid a disruption to your event.

Needle and Sewing Thread

Finally, for those all-too-familiar wardrobe malfunction situations when someone’s dress, suit, or pants rip at the worst possible moment, having a simple needle and sewing thread can be a lifesaver.

You can quickly patch up the tear and send the person on the stage, instead of having to look for new clothes or causing a delay.

While this may seem like a minor detail, the experiences event production companies understand that these types of seemingly minor situations are the ones that cause the most problems, so being prepared is crucial, especially when it doesn’t require much effort at all.