2020 Event Trends

2020 Event Trends

2020, the start of a new decade and a year that really has a ring to it. Each year, there are new developments and trends within the ever-growing event industry.  These may be fuelled by numerous things such as technology, trends, and consumer demands. A few areas that we can see changes arising in are the following:

Events will be used even more to fuel networking

This will involve being mindful about the type of venue chosen. Large, open-plan spaces with easily accessible bars will really help fac this. With more people working remotely and flexibly nowadays, there is a real need for people to use events as an opportunity to network in person and build those crucial relationships.

Personalisation of the event

As time is so precious, it is likely that there is going to be increased opportunities for people to pick and choose which part of the event they would like to attend and mould the events to their individual needs. It is likely that this will be done online via registration prior to the events, so delegate management systems may become increasingly used both beforehand, during and after the event to track engagement and provide data on delegates and help with company’s ROI.

Changes due to sustainability

We are amid huge sustainability shifts which are likely to feed even more into the event industry this year. Changes in how food is provided and the reduction in the use of plastic as well as consciousness about how much meat is being consumed may lead to brands making shifts in these areas and more plant-based alternatives being offered and more sustainable initiatives being used.

A focus on more unique venues and creative content

In order to capture the audience’s attention prior to the event taking place, some brands will be really focussing on hiring trendy/unique venues to excite their guests and make them stand out from the crowds. We may see more of these kinds of venues popping up over major cities.

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