event waves

event waves

we’ve been talking about virtual events for a while, and by now we are sure that you’ve seen the many different solutions that we can offer!  but why to stop there; once in-person events slowly start to become reality again, either totally faces to face or using our smart stage for a hybrid solution, we are all going to need to be well versed in the social distancing rules in venues.

new rules and measures will involve booking larger venues for smaller groups of people, decreasing the capacity in each room. here at seven, our combined venue knowledge within the team gives us a straightforward shortcut into finding you a creative venue solution, whilst still adhering to the new guidelines.

for larger capacity events, this may become more difficult, as event venues have limited space and with the new rules, you may be questioning how to fit in big numbers of people. a solution we use is to create event waves, repeating the same event more than once, in exactly the same format for smaller groups of people. not only does this ensure that all attendees get the same experience, but also in the past we’ve offered guests the choice of what day to attend, which has always given great feedback.

don’t let new guidelines deter you, we’re here to make your lives easier – get in touch to find out more.

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