Events and their Production

Events and their Production

Technical issues with conferencing equipment can be a real bug bear, but often it’s just a matter of dealing with potential problems before they happen. Here at Seven Events Events we have our own in house production team and, wherever possible, we encourage our clients to use them for their events to eliminate as many problems as possible.


A good event manager is aware that their reputation can seriously be harmed if irritating, minor, technical problems recur throughout a conference or meeting so they will combat as many potential problems in advance. Questions for example that we think about if we’re not using our own equipment are…


Is Wifi available in the meeting room and if so, how many laptops can the system realistically support?


Is there a separate broadband line you can use for the laptop the speakers are using so that aren’t vying for bandwidth with the attendees in the audience.


How efficient is the PA system and what are the problems as far as feedback is concerned? How are the lights in the meeting room controlled so that you can turn them down?


All of these seem like obvious questions to ask but when you’re in the middle of an event and your focus is on the speakers and the content of the conference then this is really when you need an experienced event manager to take care of the questions on your behalf.


Better still when you use us, we use our own equipment wherever possible which eliminates some of those questions automatically. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do.