Everyone Loves a Pop-Up!

Everyone Loves a Pop-Up!

With pop up venues being popular currently it’s great to see another new twist on a theme here in London with The Bloody Oyster. After a successful crowd-funding campaign last year, fun foodie duo Ben and Ed set out to take the oyster back to its humble roots, converting a 1980s double decker red bus into a mobile oyster and Bloody Mary den.


After a brief tour of the summer festivals, the Bloody Oyster is currently parked on the Southbank. Set back from the tourist traps and chains of restaurants, they’ve created their own little chill-out Haven, where you can relax on the sofas outside the bus, go top-deck for a candle-lit dining experience or recline at the back of the bus bar hanging out with the cool kids!


So what’s on the menu? Well, oysters obviously however they come naked, dressed, deep fried, grilled and thrown in a tasty brioche burger. If you’re a bit wary of raw shellfish, try the tempura oysters with curry coconut cream – perhaps a safer option for the less adventurous amongst us. And if oysters aren’t your thing there are a few non-shellfish options on the menu too (the garlic fries are yummy) but the expertly curated cocktail menu makes it well-worth a visit alone. Bloody Marys come in all different flavours: from the Classic to the unbelievable ‘Maria’, a tequila-based mix of tomato juice, rosemary smoke with a sherry float. It will cure even the most persistent of hangovers – and then some.


So check it out before it’s too late as The Bloody Oyster will be parked on the Southbank until the end of September. After a brief hibernation, the boys will then return to the Southbank for the Christmas Market, with a slightly smaller menu and some hot Bloody Marys. (Think soup – then it all makes sense).