Expect Beer, Sausage, Oompah Bands and Leiderhosens…

Expect Beer, Sausage, Oompah Bands and Leiderhosens…

You’ve guessed it, London’s Oktoberfest is coming to town and we’re certainly not the crowd to turn down a party. As October is now in full swing, we’ve been scouting the best spots to enjoy this festival which brings Munich to London.

To enjoy the German beers (that are in glasses bigger than your head), lovely laiderhosens, oompah bands with the most oomph and delicious platters of sausages, head to these hot picks –


Oktoberfest at Bierschenke

Bierschenke is London’s authentic Munich beer hall located near Liverpool Street. The owners have sourced bars, benches, tables and wood panelling from Germany to create an authentic Munich beer hall experience. Visitors can expect all the traditional foodie treats including goulash, schnitzel, sauerkraut, sausage platters and apple strudel. This event will run until October 31st.


Oktoberfest at the Bavarian Beer House

The Bavarian Beer house, located near Old Street, is a year round celebration of all things Oktoberfest but their efforts are doubled during this time. All of the beers and food are imported from Germany, so you can expect to experience a truly authentic day or evening or both! This event will run until October 31st.


Oktoberfest Pub

The Oktoberfest Pub was founded by a couple of German beer enthusiasts who enjoyed the festival in Munich so much that they wanted the party to continue all year round. You can enjoy over 60 German beers and authentic cuisine including bratwurst, pork knuckles and pretzels imported directly from Germany. There is also a Bavarian band that plays sing-along tunes. This pub is located in Fulham all year round but there’s no better time to pay a visit.