five ways to make your event more sustainable

five ways to make your event more sustainable

we attended the c&it sustainability forum at convene event space in london. after an insightful agenda, we’re reflecting on how we can create more sustainable events. check out the five top tips we learned below.

venue searching

when looking for the perfect venue, sustainability may not always be at the forefront of your mind. but the values of the event space play a huge role in how sustainable your event will be. make sure to ask the venue for their sustainability policy and the energy efficiency of the building. you can not only tell a lot by what progress they are trying to make but build this into your event plans, for example ensuring that it is clear and easy for the guests to follow the recycling policy. you could also try bringing nature into the venue, whether that’s hosting your meeting outside or substituting flowers on the tables for plant pots that guests can take home.

reduced and alternative travel

– consider the location of your audience and try to choose a venue that requires the least amount of travel or is easily accessible by public transport

– before the event, make sure to share the best ways to access the venue to discourage people from driving

–  why not even add some competition before the event starts and organise a cycling challenge?

sustainable food options 

food production is the biggest contributor to climate change and on average, an event wastes 15-20% of the food supplied.

– cooking plant-based foods and ensuring there is plenty of delicious vegan options, contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of meat

–  source organic or regenerative food that is locally grown to reduce the impact of pollution from transport

–  you could avoid a buffet where possible so that you are cooking on consumption, or simple tricks like reducing plate size can minimise the food waste of a buffet

–  finger foods mean that you can remove the environmental impact of cutlery


suppliers are starting to introduce great sustainable alternatives for their customers, such led entertainment and production. but why not start to see production as more of an investment? for instance, creating a branded sign that could be re-used as a design centrepiece in one of your offices.

preventing greenwashing 

greenwashing is behaviour that makes customers believe a company is doing more to protect the environment than they actually are. double check the sustainability policy of suppliers and venues, rather than always taking what they say at face value and make sure you’re clear and truthful about your own sustainable options – no-one is perfect so demonstrating that you’re changing, rather than lying is always the best way to go!