Foodie Blues Busting

Foodie Blues Busting

January can be a long, rather depressing month, with Christmas over indulgence leaving the purse strings very tight. But there is no reason to stay inside a feel blue with lots of London’s best foodie destinations offering special deals:


Sea Containers at the Mondrian

Now here’s a lovely little offer to ease you into the New Year: three perfectly-composed courses designed by culinary director and New York chef Seamus Mullen, plus a chilled glass of prosecco, all for just £25.

Brooklyn Bowl

45 minutes of bowling plus shoe hire at The O2’s Brooklyn Bowl for you and a friend for just £20. And if that wasn’t enough fried chicken and Rock n’ Roll fries for two plus Brooklyn Bowl’s very own craft beer Knock Down Punk or a soft drink each included… Boom!



Rowley’s Restaurant St James

Juice up a winter’s night with a decadent chateaubriand dinner for two including unlimited fries at Rowley’s. Housed in the very same building that saw the beginnings of the mighty Walls empire, Rowley’s Restaurant is a classic feature of London’s gastronomical skyline. Situated a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus, it has the perfect location, the perfect décor and the perfect amount of fries.