Fun and Immersive spaces in London this Winter

Fun and Immersive spaces in London this Winter

the greatest snowman

head to a top-secret location for a festive edition of this immersive dining experience. With Louisa Ellis of MasterChef cooking up a festive storm you will be able to indulge in a 3-course meal, drinks and a side of captivating entertainment.

Pirates of the hidden spirit: cocktail experience

A new venture from the minds behindĀ Alcotraz, this immersive drinking experience will catch you hook, line and sinker. Take part in the epic voyage and steal long-lost treasure from the grasps of the governor, just make sure not to get caught.

The Downton abbey experience: murder in the village

Be whisked away to Downton Abbey for the ultimate Christmas experience. Here you will see the stunning house and village before enjoying a delicious dinner, however a murderer is on the loose so you and your fellow guests must unravel the secrets of Tutankhamen to crack the case, after drinks of course.