Getting ready for your September Conference

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Getting ready for your September Conference

For those of you considering your September conference, it can be a month full of trepidation, last minute decisions, last minute changes and decision makers come back at the last minute, lots to get done and never enough hours in the day, last minute appears to be the theme! September can be a month full of dietary requirements, presentation slides, event schedules and waiting on signatures! Never leave it to the last minute, it is crucial to get started as soon as you can.

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Ask yourself, are you ready for your september conference?


September is the busiest time of the year for us, as all of our clients events come to fruition, nothing more satisfying that seeing it all come together as our clients deliver high impact, creative, inspiring conferences. But what makes it a success? Our team of event experts want to share some of the tricks they have picked up over the years.

#1 consider your schedule


Organise your schedule well. It is always very tempting to cram your schedule to the brim but you need to give attendees the chance to re-energise. Regular breaks where delegates can grab a coffee and check their emails are a must! In return for this you will find your delegates take more information on board and it opens up discussions with their fellow colleagues in the breaks.


#2 understand your objectives


Before setting about planning your conference think about what you are trying to achieve from the event. Once you have a clear plan of objectives, it will be easier to pick the most suitable venue and theme for the event. Always keep your objectives at the forefront of your mind when getting ready for your september conference.

#3 increase engagement


Consider a new event concept to increase engagement! Perhaps a Silent september conference? Instead of guests walking to a certain breakout room to attend a session, instead everyone dons wireless headphones and tunes into a specific session. Not only can this save on room hire or provide options when venues do not have enough space – but this is also an effective way to save time.

#4 make it interactive


Add interactive intervals to your september conference to keep your guests alert and involved. Try adding in a Q&A session with microphone ball that guests have to catch. Simple yet fun and effective.

#5 Location, Location, Location


DAY LIGHT & A VIEW! September tends to be the one month of the year were London sees some sun.  Finding the perfect venue that offers plenty on naturally day light and a view is sure to keep everyone happy and a little less disappointed for missing out on the summer sunshine. Ultimately, if you are going to sit people in a room all day, make sure it is a nice one!

Once again, the devil is in the detail! Regardless of what you choose to do, it is all about preparation, plan, plan & PLAN! But it doesn’t need to be painful to organise your september conference, to summarise; consider the journey, the itinerary, make sure you have a great location and make the content relevant and entertaining. It will no doubt be a long day, so ensure you have your delegates attention and that all and everything you communicate to them, your success stories, your updates and your visions for the future is done in a way that will empower them and get through to them!

Do you want to find out more about what is involved in organising and delivering an inspiring september conference? Well, dont hesitate, get in contact with one of our events experts!