Getting Summer Ready!

Getting Summer Ready!

Getting Summer Ready!

When the sun is out, it is hard not to get excited. Here at SevenEvents it inspires us and gets us excited about organising our clients summer parties.

Summer parties are a fantastic way of rewarding staff and recognising their hard work. However pinning down a day of British sun can be a demonstration in faith, but with the right foresight and planning, summer parties can be one of the most anticipated company events!

Here at SevenEvents we organise hundreds of events every year, in the UK & Internationally, as a consequence we have a wealth of experience. We are always looking for ways to enhance any event, finding that difference between a good event and a GREAT one! Here are 5 tips from our very own team of event experts:

#1 Getting people there, be creative

You’ve spent months organising the best summer party you can think of now you just need your guests to turn up! Be creative in the way you invite guests to your party you want to get them excited! Create a promo video or invite people with a link to a song to get them in the mood. In a day where emails are at the forefront of communication never underestimate the power of a printout invitation. The list is endless….

#2 Bring the summer sensations to life

Bring summer sensations to life through the event catering. A classically British Pimm’s reception, followed by a BBQ with live cooking stations and interactive elements and then to top it all off, build your own ice cream for desserts. If you are feeling especially brave, consider an interactive food experience, like a BBQ Masterclass” 

#3 Everyone likes a surprise

Every summer party should have some sort of surprise roaming element!

The perfect example would be ‘The Oyster Boys’. The team arrive armed with a basket of oysters ready for the shucking and slurping!

It’s fun, exciting, it’s interactive and works perfectly as an alternative fresh and delicious canape!

#4 It is all about the guest’s journey

For an exciting summer party or in fact any party, take the guests journey in to account and make sure to build in the experience right from the start and through to the end.   This can even start with the type of vehicle that you use to transport your guests to a themed goody bag at the end.


#5 Let’s not forget a refreshing drink!

Create your own G’n’T bar. The drink that is not going out of fashion. Be sure to include an interactive bespoke bar where guests can come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful gin and tonic concoctions. It’s subtle, effective and will inevitably end up providing a focal point for the event!

Whatever you decide to do, remember, the devil is in the detail, it is crucial that you plan, plan & plan! When organising any event it is imperative that you consider every step of the guest’s journey, from receiving the invite, to their experience as they arrive, right through to their departure. An event should never last more than one day, give people a reason to evangelise, reminisce and wait in anticipation for the next summer party.

There are so many options out there, for those looking to enhance their next exceptional summer party, where do you start? This is where events agencies, like ourselves, come into it. Years of experience delivering creative & inspiring events for our clients help us know what you need to be summer ready for 2018!