Give Your Clients An Experience

Give Your Clients An Experience

Whilst visiting the BNC Global Event Show this week we were lucky enough to sit in on a seminar given by Ben Fogle. I’m sure you’ll recognise the name and face who originally found fame in the first reality show ‘Castaway’.


It’s always interesting to hear someone’s life story and Ben certainly had a story to tell. Surprisingly for someone who is probably now best known for his global adventures he started off a young man with no exam passes and who was last to be picked for any sporting team.


It seems that Ben is driven by completing experiences and often appears to sign up to epic adventures on a whim without thinking of the consequences. Running the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and completing the pairs Atlantic Rowing Race with James Cracknell are probably two he’s best known for… although hearing him speak in the seminar he’s very proud of entering the World Worm Charming Championships, despite the fact he lost out to a 10 year old schoolboy!


For someone that has travelled the world extensively it’s clear that Ben feels that giving our clients an experience is what we should be encouraging money to be spent on. He freely admitted that he’s partial to a 5* hotel himself but it’s the experiences that people remember so our aim should be to incorporate this wherever possible.


This doesn’t necessarily mean donning your running shoes and setting off across the nearest desert but really putting some thought into the destination and what can be experienced there at the time of year you’re looking to go.


We here at Seven Events pride ourselves on the experiences we take our clients on, so next time you’re looking to inspire your staff or clients let us show you what we can do, Ben Fogle style!


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