Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

We ladies here at Seven Events decided to give up, well, everything for lent. We’ve given up all those naughties like white bread, sugar, white rice, fizzy drinks, white pasta and the list goes on. But despite the ups and downs and the chocolate cravings, we all feel much better for it.

As the age old saying goes, your body is a temple. So we’ve embraced this mentality and are keeping each other going in the office (plus there’s a £2 fee if the cravings get the better of us).

So, to keep on the theme of healthy eating, I have researched some of the best spots in London that promote clean eating. Who says you can’t go out to eat if you’re on a diet? There will be no calorie counting at these niche restaurants –

‘The Wild Food Café’ (pictured below) is a vegan and vegetarian eatery located in the lovely Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, London. Their food is focused on wild, fresh, colourful gourmet ingredients created around the art and science of feeling great. They source their ingredients from local independent suppliers and organic producers and always include wild foraged food in their recipes.


Located in South Kensington lies ‘Roots and bulbs’ offering hungry passers-by cold pressed juices, super smoothies and wholesome food.


One more, amongst many, is ‘Vanilla Black’ near to Chancery Lane. Their menu highlight has to be the milk chocolate and walnut oil pate with avocado ice cream, lime meringue, dark chocolate and bee pollen. At Vanilla Black you get gourmet food and contemporary vegetarian cuisine.


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