Hidden Gems In The City

Hidden Gems In The City

Last week, I went on a little adventure and explored some venues in the City. My reason for exploring this part of the capital was because of the new and exciting venue that has just opened – The Victorian Bath House. I was very intrigued to see this venue and what it had to offer.

On my site visits to various places such as Plaisterers Hall and Andaz for example, I was fascinated by how much history still remains in these fabulous places.

I got to see the incredible Freemasons hall, at Andaz, their secret room which was only discovered in 2006. This room is perfect for private dining events or smaller, more intimate drinks receptions.

khDuring another site visit, I was also told that no smoking is permitted on the terrace, outside of Plaisterers hall. This is because it’s so incredibly close to the London Wall, the original wall that the Romans built surrounding the capital city.

The one venue that really appealed to me however, was The Victorian Bath house. It’s so rich in history and this really came to life inside the venue as they’ve kept all of the original décor and tiling.

This venue is like no other in the city, and in London, it has a completely discreet entrance and really opens up once you’re inside and down the stairs.

They have an original bath tub, in the venue, which acts as a large ice bucket which can display chilled champagne and other drinks. This can also be covered, to be used as extra surface space, however, it’s much better to utilise this feature.

When I think of the city, I always think of modern, sparkly, tall, glass buildings, however, underneath this façade there is an entire location full of secret spots and treasured remains.

The city is definitely the place to be heading for events in 2016. Watch this space.