‘hop onboard’

‘hop onboard’

it’s great to see that whilst the hospitality industry has been hit hard during recent covid times, there are some new places popping up and we’re excited about ‘the top hat’.

if you love a game of monopoly then you are going to love this new restaurant and cocktail bar that is dedicated to all things about the much loved game. offering quintessentially british cuisine and a huge menu of creative cocktails, this new hangout is really a nod not only to the game but to london itself.

there will be a game-themed menu of small plates with dishes inspired by our city and the cocktail menu will each represent an iconic property or place – each with their own creative twist.

for those who are looking for some quirky fun then this really hits the mark and is easy to find on tottenham court road (another nod to the game). i think everyone has memories of monopoly from their childhood so am sure that this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane for us all. plus, you’ll have fun looking for all the fun touches of décor that play homage to the game and its signature look.

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