hosting an event in bad weather? consider these tips.

hosting an event in bad weather? consider these tips.

as we slowly approach the winter months and the weather starts to turn, it is important to plan your event with bad weather conditions in mind. that being said, summer in the uk can never be trusted as the weather is unpredictable! here at seven events, an event management agency, we recommend the following tips to help you plan and host your event in bad weather. 


having a plan b is essential and even more essential when hosting an event in bad weather. if you have entertainment, it is a great idea to have multiple options that can perform in bad weather. another idea, is to have shelters available for people to wait under and stay dry whilst the backup plan is put into place. if it is possible, having an indoor location that your event can be transferred to would take a lot of stress off the day. of course, it isn’t always possible to have an indoor location on standby, so make sure you have a plan b that can allow your event to continue smoothly. 


rain or shine, communication is key when planning and hosting an event. prior to the big day, you should let all your staff know the plan of action and what to do if the weather turns bad. so, if it does end up raining, the staff know what to do and when to do it, without wasting anytime. The day before the event, warning the guests about the bad weather will help them prepare what clothes and shoes to wear. to allow your event to run efficiently, keep the guests in the loop and let them know what is happening. attendees will want to know what is happening and to avoid them asking questions, it is best to keep them informed so you can get on with the backup plan and any operational changes. 


it is important to check the weather apps during the week leading up to the big day. we all know that the weather forecast changes regularly, by checking it regularly the week before your event, it will give you the best idea of what to expect. it gives you time to work out a logistical plan that may need to take place if the poor weather forecast is correct.


you want to keep the guests happy and the event running effortlessly. people enjoy freebees, why not hand out branded umbrellas and ponchos. it is a great way to keep everyone dry and also a great memento of an amazing day that people can keep and reuse. bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean rain, extremely high temperatures may affect your guests. you could hand out hats and sunglasses to attendees to keep them cool and protected from the sun. it is also important to have areas and shelters that guests can visit to get out of the sun or rain. make sure you are in a position to accommodate your guests, whatever the weather!


with even the slight possibility of bad weather, it is key to have practical catering and beverage options that can continue to work efficiently. if the weather is exceptionally hot, make sure there is fresh water available for guests. alternatively, if the weather is windy and cold, guests will appreciate a hot drink. food and beverages can save an event if the weather takes a turn for the worst. make sure catering is ready to serve guests in an attempt to keep their spirits high. 


a decision-making process needs to be in place when hosting an event in awful weather conditions. choose a time that you need to decide by on whether you change the format of your event, ie putting the backup plan into action. let the staff know when this decision will be made, so that they are all available if they need to change parts of the day.   

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