Hosting an unusual event

Hosting an unusual event

For many brands, creating an event with an element of ‘wow-factor’ is really important to create an engaging experience, an interactive memory and hopefully build a connection for life. One of the ways we are able to create this experience is through the venue choice and choosing venues that are particularly unusual can really help this.

We can draw upon our diverse and expert knowledge of venues across London and the UK in order to achieve this and provide a wide range of options. It could be a heritage venue that has survived history and dates back hundreds of years, containing fantastic architecture which is bound to amaze attendees. Another option could be a cool, quirky hidden venue which may encompass hidden doors, fun code words to enter and backstreet entrances. These are bound to give guests a little excitement! State of the art, modern buildings with a focus on architectural design could also be a great option as these also create a theme in itself. The list is endless with incredible options such as aquariums, floating venues and unusual cinemas opening up avenues that can really make your event stand out and stun guests.

Choosing a unique venue can have a major impact on the success of an event. It is bound to impress and give attendees something to talk about and create an instant buzz and excitement. You could even incorporate the venue into the story of the event or use it as and part of the theming to cut costs.

Let us help you

finding the right venue can be challenging, that’s why we are here. Our experienced team can provide you with a free fast and effective venue finding service worldwide. Whether it be a meeting, conference, exhibition, reception or dinner we can help you find the perfect space. You can contact a member of our events team, who will be happy help.