Hot on the Heels of the Foxtrail

Hot on the Heels of the Foxtrail

Since launching our own teambuilding department here at SevenEvents back in January we’re always keen to see what new offerings are out there for our clients.

This week we were invited to the UK launch of Foxtrail. This is a tried and tested franchise that started in Switzerland which now has trails in Helsinki, Rome and Dubai with plans to expand around the globe based on the success that it’s shown in Zurich.

Foxtrail is essentially a treasure trail type activity around the city. Where this differs from others around is that rather than going to the usual tourist attractions, in the planning of the trail it has partnered with various businesses, buildings and the city council to allow them to attach or place things inside or outside of their space. This means that you get to see some different sights than perhaps you’re used to, which is a real positive if you’ve done something similar before.

This week we were part of some of the first groups to test the trail here in London. Currently there is one trail available that starts and ends at St Pauls, not far from the Cathedral.

Groups of up to 7 people see an initial video clip of where the fox has gone from the starting point and by answering clues and questions along the way, the aim is to chase him around the city.

Currently this immersive experience is paper led however, there are talks to incorporate a technology element into the game ensuring that you can’t jump ahead and see clues ahead of time (for those who like to be one step ahead!).

This isn’t an app based game and the idea is that you follow the set trail.

For corporate groups, there is going to be the ability to do a bespoke trail to incorporate branding and bespoke questions and the more trails that Foxtrail set up in London, the ability to host larger groups grows.

Whilst a new venture here in our city, we’ll be keen to see how this develops and hope to be able to offer it to some of our clients in the future months.