hotels as work spaces

hotels as work spaces

we’ve all got used to working from home and i’m sure most of us have created desk space, turned spare rooms into offices, bought second screens and are possibly still looking for a chair to sit in all day that is actually comfortable.

if however you’re missing being out an about and would like a change of scene then the lovely people at accor may have the answer to all your needs.

they have recently announced a new hotel office concept offering premium remote working experiences by renting out their rooms as day offices. this is available at 250 of their uk hotels and is expanding its way across europe in the coming weeks.

it can be booked as a single day or a working week package and rates are typically cheaper than an average overnight stay at each hotel. plus if you’re missing earning your accor points because you’re no longer travelling, then you can still earn them working away at your desk.

this is going to be something that catches on and other hotels in london such as k west hotel and spa and the resident are already following the trend.

so if you feel like you’re not as productive as you were at home, would like a different work / life balance or simply fancy a change of scene then delve a little deeper in to what’s on offer in your area.