how can social media enhance your event

how can social media enhance your event

social media is an undeniable and powerful tool that is now a normal part of modern life, but why should you consider it when planning your event?

create buzz

whether you are planning a conference or a private client party, the more excitement you can create, the more successful your event will be. creating an event hashtag that can also be used in a photobooth or giant foam letters, will not only make the event feel worth posting about but create connections between guests. why not even set up a social media wall that can get everyone talking?

business development

a company event is a perfect place to share what you do and what you stand for. if you want your event to focus on sustainability by using led entertainment for example, posting this on social media lets your target audience know the priorities of your business. are you looking to recruit? getting employees involved and sharing photos of an event testifies to your friendly company culture.

getting the important information out there

designing a bespoke delegate management system (dms) is one way to ensure your guests are kept informed in an easy and accessible way. but what about getting people talking? encouraging speakers to share their opinions online promotes the content of the event and reiterates key details such as the unique venue.

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