How Does Incentive Travel Boost Employee Morale

How Does Incentive Travel Boost Employee Morale

Any business should strive to build, nurture, and maintain an excellent company culture where its employees feel valued and rewarded. it’s important for businesses to seek morale-boosting measures to find and maintain a happy workforce and a thriving company culture. experiential rewards can be a great way to recognise your employee’s hard work, and corporate incentive travel companies can help you with the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So, what is incentive travel? incentive travel programs are trips that are offered to employees for their individual or collective accomplishments, milestones, or simply to bring teams together to bond or network. these are experiences that allow connections to form, unique experiences and wonderful memories whilst exploring an exciting destination with their team. incentives can range from African safaris, yacht trips in the Mediterranean or exploring the heart of a city. They can even be on your own doorstep exploring local areas through team-building activities.

The benefits truly of incentive travel programs are countless but below we have listed just a few reasons incentives can lead to increased employee morale.


Boosting team morale is crucial to helping your employees and your business thrive. if employees feel valued and encouraged in their workplace, they will naturally be more willing to put in more effort and subsequently, their best performance. increased productivity, efficiency and performance will undoubtedly lead to increased business success. incentive travel has a positive impact on morale and motivation and as a result, your company can achieve objectives, successes and overall revenue. by employees for their hard work and incentivise others to follow suit and a positive cycle is born.


Positive morale is closely linked to how well employees get along and how they work together, so it’s important to offer opportunities for teams to get to know each other. incorporating incredible experiences or team-building activities in your incentive program will bring help bring employees together and bond. exploring waterfalls in Iceland, wine tasting in Tuscany or taking a hot air balloon over the Moroccan desert are exclusive experiences that teams will share and treasure together. employees working towards team-based targets will be more inclined to pull together and achieve the target. hood morale and strong teamwork increase collaboration and create a positive atmosphere within the workplace.


A happy colleague is a more productive employee. employees who have been incentivised to work hard and achieve their goals, can enjoy a special reward of a well-deserved break from work, relax and have fun with their colleagues in a stress-free environment. incentive programs give employees a chance to tick off a unique destination from their bucket list without the worries of spending money. this break will help to step back from the tasks that have been completed, allowing your employees to return refreshed and ready to get back to work motivated and prepared.

Employee retention

Offering incentive travel is a brilliant tool to attract and retain top talent. Implementing incentive trips as a benefit shows prospective employees that you are invested in your teams and that you care about them. this makes the business much more attractive and makes the recruitment process much easier. incentive travel can allow existing employees to feel rewarded and recognised and increase loyalty. loyal employees improve your company’s reputation and help your employees to become ambassadors for your business.

At SevenEvents, we can help you align your incentive to your company’s mission, vision, values, and goals. Incentive travel programs can be tailor-made to suit your objectives, incorporating once-in-a-life team experiences, connecting teams and exploring new destinations. as a corporate incentive travel agency, we offer tailor-made incentive travel programs, and our event planners are always on hand to help come up with an exciting programme that suits your needs. your program can be customized depending on your group, size, budget and interests. They can be tailored from simple to luxury, around the corner from your office or in the far-flung corners of the world.

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