how facial recognition is paving its way into virtual events world

how facial recognition is paving its way into virtual events world

facial recognition systems are a form of technology that you may not even realise you are using on a daily basis. the fundamental use of this technology is that it is capable of matching a human face from an image via a camera or video frame against a database of faces. this is typically used to authenticate users within id services and works by using facial features within a specific image. the prevalence of this technology is best illustrated with the use of using your face to simply unlock your phone or check your banking. however, with the emergence of virtual conference software and corporate virtual events, we now pose the question of how facial recognition is paving its way into the virtual event world. from the range of virtual event platforms uk based or global, we are going to show how facial recognition technology is paving its way into virtual events and how we believe it can be used to elevate all types of events from online team building activities to conferences.

registration / check-in

one of the issues with virtual events can be the attendee experience of registration and check-in using virtual event platforms. if delegates are unfamiliar with virtual event platforms, then the various levels of interaction needed just to view content or sessions can be confusing or a deterrent. this is where facial recognition could be employed to make this process seamless and easy. simply asking an attendee to submit a picture on registration and then integrating facial recognition technology means that each guest would have a “facial fingerprint” which can be used to identify them on the event day. thus, removing the need for any login/password prompts. this facial recognition technology really does break down the borders of the requirements for virtual event logins.

increased security measures

within the virtual event world, even more so than the physical event world, a key consideration for event managers should be security. if important information is being presented during sessions that you need to ensure is kept confidential then facial recognition is a great solution. with such threats as guests forwarding email confirmations, acquiring invitations that do not belong to them or sharing passwords, facial recognition can really help to elevate these issues successfully. a face is something that cannot be forged very easily so using biometric data as an entry for your event ensures that the security levels are as high as possible. this can also provide better peace of mind for everyone at the event knowing that everyone who is attending the meeting should be there with no intruders.

value over time 

facial recognition is still in its infancy of adoption within the events world so for event managers who are early adopters, the introduction of this technology could be seen to be innovative and providing a greater attendee experience. there is still discussion to be had regarding attendee concerns of this technology which event managers need to be aware of and address appropriately. there is a fear that typically will appear when using new technologies and facial recognition is no different. having your face scanned and analysed could be seen as invasive so a clear route to ensure all attendees feel comfortable is needed. being transparent in the initial registration process with a clear privacy policy regarding the use of the technology would help this issue. this will enable guests to read key information on areas such as who has access to submit photos, where the information is stored and for how long. ensuring that using this technology in the most appropriate and ethical manner will ensure over time this will become less of an issue. in fact, when other attendees see how simple the technology is then over time this will provide value to events and become the normal way of functioning.

integrating new technology can be a difficult task for a virtual event. seven events have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to virtual events and our team will work hard to find the best solution for both your audience and your budget. if you are planning a virtual event, get in touch with the team now to see how they can bring your ideas to life here.