how to launch an engaging party for remote employees

how to launch an engaging party for remote employees

it has been a long time that event management companies in the uk have been continuing to offer virtual events rather than face to face, and whilst the world is seemingly opening up, the demand for online events continues, and event management services are staying virtual.

the most common requests we receive now are for networking events, with employers recognising the increased importance of employee interaction and staying together as a team. the uncertainty of when restrictions will fully ease in the uk, as well as the lack of travel on the horizon, it’s even more important that event management services continue to provide creative solutions for remote employees.

  1. platform & technology

the first important factor is in the virtual event platform that hosts any online event.  for arranging events virtually, it comes with increased difficulty to keep attendees engaged.  watching an event on your laptop at home on your own means it is harder to concentrate, and easier to become distracted by the things around us and that’s when the event goes smoothly. this makes it even more important for virtual event management companies to provide a high-level platform, with a strong broadcast, minimising the risk of any technology flaws.


  1. interactivity between viewers

the importance of the virtual event platform brings me on to the features it provides and the ability for guests to network.  there are various platforms in the market for this to allow guests to interact with each other as well as the presenters or speakers.  hub7, the virtual event platform in the uk offers an online chat function, as well as the chance to video, call other attendees, or create smaller video chats between a group of people to let different guests network as they would a face to face event.  when organising an engaging party, this platform also allows for the guests to talk to or ask questions to the presenter/guest speaker/comedian/host increasing that interactivity.


  1. care packages/parcels with all the same good

attendees may all be viewing the event from their own home and separately, however that’s not to say there aren’t other creative ways to bring everyone together.  event management agencies can send drinks, food packages or vouchers, event party hats or company stash to get everyone wearing or drinking and eating the same thing.  at seven events we’ve organised just eat vouchers for guests to all order in dinner, cocktails by post, branded tshirts and festive hats plus many more items to encourage the attendees to feel engaged and part of the same event.


  1. presenters 

at a remote party, guests are there to have fun and it is quite often run outside of office hours. event management services can find ways to ensure that there is intrigue behind the event which can often be done by getting in a guest speaker such as a comedian, to put people in a great mood for the rest of the party. comedians are one of the best options for virtual parties, as their humour can still translate well and creates a sense of community.  they can pick out guests and encourage interaction over the virtual event platform.


  1. virtual team building

it is a phrase we have come across a lot, over lockdown specifically, but what is important to remember is that it doesn’t just have to be an online quiz.  we all recognise that we were quizzed out fairly early on in 2020!  event management companies in the uk can provide a wide range of virtual events or team building, and are constantly coming up with new options.  at sevenevents, we offer a huge number of virtual options, with engaging and interactive hosts that are often used as the start of a remote employee party.  constantly coming up with new options to keep offering solutions to clients has been key, to give our clients the ability to book something different for their employees.


overall, it’s been an interesting time since being unable to meet up face to face, but the increased recognition of mental health awareness has kept event management agencies uk on their toes to ensure they can provide new options and solutions for clients. there are a number of ways to keep remote employees engaged as mentioned above, and as it looks like there will be no clear cut way to face to face events returning immediately, online parties and solutions will be around for quite a lot longer!