how to keep your virtual team engaged

how to keep your virtual team engaged

now more than ever companies are engaging with their workforce virtually. it is important to keep your audience engaged and keep your workforce happy.

virtual signals
pay attention to the signals you are sending and receiving! in the virtual world you don’t always pick up on ques and signals. you need to make sure your message is landing in the correct way

check ins
you do not have the luxury of bumping into colleagues in the kitchen so make sure you arrange communications with each other.

it’s important to be organised and clearly outline expectations and timelines.

communication channels
establish the right communication channel. this is critical to keep everyone informed.

provide assistance where necessary
in the office it’s so easy to quickly ask a question. be available for employees to ask questions.

good performance
make sure you recognise good performance this will allow employees to feel appreciated

avoid micromanagement
no employee like being micromanaged and this is usually enhanced when in a remote setting. trust your team until they give you a reason not to.

team building
arrange regular team socials with the team such as a virtual quiz or cook along.