how to leverage hubseven for a successful online event

how to leverage hubseven for a successful online event

what is hubseven?

hubseven is sevenevents online event platform. using our years of expertise within event planning services and the changing event landscape this year has led us to develop an integrated event application which creates an authentic event experience for attendees in a web-based platform.

the need for a virtual conference software which allows guests to replicate the event experience remotely has never been greater and, in this article, we outline the ways in which you can successfully leverage hubseven to ensure you have a memorable online event.

interactive sessions – engagement is key

hosting sessions within hubseven have been designed to allow the highest level of engagement for event attendees, the features can be tailored to fit your requirements for what you want to communicate.

when live, your presentations will be streamed into the platform in the highest quality available to ensure that your content is communicated correctly.

keeping attendees engaged with content can be a challenge in the virtual world however hubseven has featured such as a live chat, q&a and polling to ensure the attendee stays focused and connected with the content being presented. when designing content for your virtual event it is important to consider how integrating these features can lead to greater engagement.

sessions can also host any documents which you wish delegates to read to ensure everyone has the correct collateral and we have developed an “up next” feature to ensure guests can easily navigate the system and keep the flow throughout the day.

create an event community and buzz

we understand that the lobby can be an important area of an event which turns into a hub of conversation with a range of networking opportunities taking place, so we wanted to bring this into the digital domain. through the “connect & meet” tab, guests can view a directory of guest profiles who are attending the event and manage 1-2-1 video meetings by clicking on a profile and requesting a meeting time.

showcase sponsors or products

having sponsors or selling products at your event? hubseven has a bespoke page that can be utilised to put the spotlight on sponsors, products or even internal information and services. using an easy to follow layout the bespoke page you use for the best purpose for your event needs, to share info, drive sales or recognise key event partners.

custom experiences   

the intricacy of having a personal experience at an event is not lost in hubseven. the platform has the ability to allow guests to make a completely custom agenda from the sessions available. this can be personalised, if required, to show main sessions or selected sessions depending on the event format. every step of the delegate journey has been considered to ensure the best possible experience for attendees.

hubseven offers a range of carefully thought-out features which allows you to leverage your events in the virtual world. this in partnership with sevenevents expert knowledge and production we are here to make your next virtual event successful.