how to make your event memorable

how to make your event memorable

although live events are currently on pause for a little while, when they are back up and running, we believe it is important to make them as memorable (and mesmerising) as possible!  with big budgets being spent, people needing a good excuse to leave the house and a fair bit of competition around, it is important to make your event stand out and really maximise it in order to get the most out of it.  it helps to have an experienced and passionate team on board to push your event to new limits and bring it to life in amazing ways.

there are lots of factors that can take an event from ordinary to extraordinary and using these elements in the right ways with an eye for design can lead to an incredible party.  working with top, high quality suppliers and bringing these together in a chic and effective way can work wonders.  some of the areas that you could think about are the following:

at sevenevents we use a top delegate management system to help set the tone of the event from the offset.  it means guests can be invited to your event in a stylish and professional way and it sets the tone for the big day.  it also allows you to track and monitor who is attending, have attended and allow you to get feedback.  of course, you can also personalise invitations even more with postal invites and there is no limit to the creativity you can add here.  all in all, it is an important aspect of an event and the first point of contact with your guests.

the welcome
when your guests arrive, most of the time they make up their mind on how your event stands by the welcome and how they feel at the beginning.  there are plenty of ways to enhance but a good place to start would be by having friendly and personably staff there to meet them and check their names off the list.  depending on your theming and how creative the event is, this can easily be enhanced by the guests being in character with fancy dress or even live animals there at the entrance (it happens!). branding, lighting, fire lanterns and more are all extra ways to add that wow factor to the walk in aspect.

food & beverage
would an event even exist without food and beverages?  arguably the most important aspect of an event and an area that all guests are sure to remember, you must make sure your food and drinks are on point to create a memorable experience.  there are so many areas to explore here and you can really enhance the catering to make it part of the party and develop it in line with your theme and let it form part of the design.  the style of event can tailor how the food is served and some styles include grazing tables, fine dining, street food stalls and more.  it is a huge talking factor and an area that should be really enjoyed and form part of the experience.

décor, theming and branding are huge areas within an event and help form the overall image and feel to the party.  all areas can be considered such as the colour scheme, scents throughout and out of the ordinary concepts.  some ways you can enhance the image and brand are with balloons, lighting and candles and furniture – but the list goes on and is quite limitless when it comes to this part.  it is a lot of fun and many ideas can be considered, although less is more is usually your best bet!

of course, entertainment is crucial for any party, depending on the occasion.  music would usually be the main area of entertainment and can include things such as a live brand, dj or acoustic background music.  there are very often new bands that are a bit unusual popping up so there is always an opportunity to challenge the norm!  other forms of entertainment can include a roaming photobooth, live art, hair stylists and giveaways.  it’s something that guests never seem to turn down!

we hope this has given you a bit of inspiration on how to make an event a little more magical and the areas to consider.  of course, there is a lot more to planning an event including the venue, budgets, logistics and on-site management and here at sevenevents we cover it all.  if you would like to know a bit more of if you have any questions, drop us an email to – we’d love to hear from you!