sustainable events 2023: how to plan your next sustainable event

sustainable events 2023: how to plan your next sustainable event

with so many elements to juggle when organising an event, sustainability can seem like an added complication. however, it’s important for event management companies to understand the simple ways that can minimise the impact of an event on the environment. by following a plan, you can take some of the hassle and cost out of planning a green event. read below to find out how. 

stay local 

make sure to consider the location of your audience and try to choose a venue that requires the least amount of travel or is easily accessible by public transport. you could even start by making a list of all the popular locations to explore. is it located near the client’s offices? is it in centre of the city with multiple forms of public transportation? if required to travel a further distance, a sustainable alternative could be organise shuttle services or encourage lift shares and before the event. sharing the best ways to access the venue will also help to discourage people from driving.

when choosing your vendors and suppliers try to select those that require the least amount of travel for example, you could source organic or regenerative food that is locally grown to reduce the impact of pollution from transport. We encourage 25 mile menus where all ingredients and produce are sourced within a 25 mile radius of the venue. 


go digital 

make the most of modern technology! an online event platform such as our hubseven app can not only make the process of registration, promotion and organisation easier but it’s a useful sustainable tool. instead of paper information packs, our partner company crowdcomms is able to give attendees instant access to all event content such as agendas, documents, abstract library, videos, speaker presentations, handouts and more. in addition, an online event platform avoids excessive amounts of business cards by allowing attendees to create and customise their own digital business cards. 

you could even go hybrid with your event to give attendees the option to participate either in-person or virtually. virtual events have opened the door to a broader, more immersive audience and event management companies like seven events can offer virtual event services to navigate the world of online meetings. 


pick a sustainable venue 

when looking for the perfect venue, the values of the event space play a huge role in how sustainable your event will be and will help offset your event’s carbon emissions. make sure to ask the venue for their sustainability policy and the energy efficiency of the building. you can also check whether the venue holds any certificates on sustainability from third-party organisations. event management companies should also build the venue’s policies into event plans, for example ensuring that it is clear and easy for the guests to follow the recycling policy. 

you could also try bringing nature into the venue that will also help your guests feel connected with the environment, whether that’s hosting your meeting outside or substituting flowers on the tables for plant pots that guests can take home.


eco-friendly props and production 

suppliers are starting to introduce great sustainable alternatives for their customers, such as led entertainment and production. designing your stage set to stock sizes rather than custom made pieces means they can be re-used, and in turn is more cost effective. using led technology for set design and production instead of a printed set and mounted screen reduces waste and production emissions. you can also often find an eco-friendly alternative to most common event promotional items such as conference totes made from recycled cotton. 


create a sustainable catering plan 

food production is the biggest contributor to climate change and on average, an event wastes 15-20% of the food supplied. providing more plant-based foods and ensuring plenty of delicious vegan options contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of meat. over-catering is also a common practice at many events, resulting in unnecessary waste. you could avoid a buffet where possible so that you are cooking on consumption or simple tricks like reducing plate size can minimise the food waste of a buffet. another option could be finger foods so that you address the environmental impact of cutlery. you should also ensure any unconsumed perishable food has been handled correctly so that you can later donate it to charitable programmes. 


planning an eco-friendly event doesn’t need to be a hassle! event management services can help think of innovative ways to make your event more sustainable and ultimately reduce the impact on the environment. 

as a company, we are committed to producing more sustainable, environmentally friendly events. if you’re looking to organise a sustainable event or want to know how we can help reduce your event carbon footprint, get in touch today at