how to train your brain during covid-19

how to train your brain during covid-19

it can be very distracting working from home or keeping your attention focused during this worrying time at the moment, however its important to practise some essential training each day or week to keep yourself working and motivated. here are a few simple tips and tricks to try:

find your peak hours

this means knowing what sort of timetable works best for you. this could mean taking regular 15 minute breaks every few hours or taking a lunch break a litter later when your mind needs a rest.

plan and visualize a few critical tasks each day

writing a to-do list is a great way of visualizing a strategy. this not only helps you work towards an end goal but also gives you self satisfaction that your getting tasks achieved.

avoid multitasking

juggling several tasks at one time can be very difficult. by concentrating on each task individually you allow yourself to give full concentration and understanding.

build will power and discipline

try setting an objective to be completed within a timeframe. avoid the temptation of distraction by knowing you are eating into this set time by doing so. building the willpower to not allow yourself to be distracted will benefit you in so many ways.