For anyone who has seen Hunted on Channel 4, there is now the chance to take part in a real-life Hunted experience in London!

After being dropped off in an unknown East London location, your team of between 1-3 people will have nothing but a fully charged phone to navigate your way to the Extraction Point before the Hunters find you.

With the help from a Contact, having to solve clues and collect crypto-currency on the way, the whole experience lasts 90 minutes.

Now if you’re excited by this, Seven Events have our very own Hunted experience… Not only do you get a chance to be the Hunted, with our event, you also get to experience being a Hunter too!

The Hunter Experience that we provide is also based on Channel 4 reality show Hunted, in which team of surveillance and security experts pursue ordinary people as they attempt to go into hiding and evade capture.

Our event is designed to work in any environment and this team building activity brings teams together to track, gather intelligence and capture their ‘fugitives’ alongside intelligence expert Ben Owen and undercover detective Peter Bleksley, who also appear in the Channel 4 show.

Jamie, our very own Head of Teambuilding added: “Having participated in the event itself with Ben Owen, our event experts can assure everyone that it’s an exciting, heart-pounding experience that can’t be compared to anything else. It’s particularly interesting when you consider your company’s and your own personal privacy, security and digital footprint. Experiences like these capture people’s imagination and events that have been seen on TV are always popular. We expect The Hunt Live will be just as popular as the Big Brother, The British Bake-off and the Crystal Maze inspired events that we also offer.”


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