Iceland Adventure

Iceland Adventure

In this business of selling incentive travel, we are always throwing about the term “a once in a lifetime experience” and finally I think I have found this very thing! What could be more of a once in a life time experience than camping on the middle of a glacier in Iceland.  Picture the scene, with rows of beautiful yellow explorer tents, amongst a snowy white backdrop, with dramatic mountain tops all around. With an incentive in Iceland and working with HL Adventure your group can undertake their very own explorer expedition, the true “once in a lifetime experience” we are always searching for.



Having undertaken this incentive, Seven Events can’t recommend the experience enough. Still reeling from the adventure and totally awestruck by the breath-taking beauty of Iceland, this is a trip I will remember forever. The dramatic landscapes and simplistic lifestyle make Iceland totally unique, and with so many distinctive sites from the geysers to waterfalls and thermal lagoons, there is excitement at every turn. Also in Iceland you can expect exceptional cuisine, with the freshest seafood and the leanest lamb raised free from antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides.


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Combining a night on the glacier with a stay Reykjavik you can create the perfect mix of luxury and excitement. Not wanting to give too much away, all I can say is imagine, super jeeps, snowmobiles, open fires, and one hell of a party!!


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