iet london: savoy place

iet london: savoy place

over the years at seven events, we have held many events at the iet london: savoy place. this historical venue is located on the river thames. it offers state-of-the-art av facilities, innovative catering and stunning view across the iconic london skyline. there are plenty of event spaces, not forgetting the beautiful rooftop terrace. this venue is perfect for an in-person or hybrid event.

the largest event space is the kelvin lecture theatre, that can hold up to 451 people in tiered seating. there are 391 ground level seats, with a further 30 on each of the two balconies and can accommodate up to nine speakers on stage. this event space is ideal for conferences, meetings, training and lectures and award ceremonies. it is also possible to extend your audience onto live streaming, as the kelvin lecture theatre offers digital opportunities to ensure engagements with speakers and your audience.

the riverside room is the largest flat event space at the iet london: savoy place, it also consists of outstanding av facilities and space that can hold up to 330 guests, with beautiful views overlooking the thames and a large private balcony. it is the perfect place for the evening part of your event, after a day of meetings or lectures, you can head up to the riverside room to celebrate.

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photo credit: @IETvenues