immersive experiences with a twist

immersive experiences with a twist

as more venues begin to open across the UK, we are hearing more about immersive experiences and the term competitive socialising. what is competitive socialising, ultimately it consists of playing games over food and drink. it brings the group together to create long lasting memories and have fun. we have seen a rise in the interest of bringing competitive socialising elements into corporate events as it is appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

these different range of immersive experiences range from activities being based on popular TV shows such as crystal maze or money heist experiences. to reinventing traditional past time activities such as pool, darts and snooker. even turning monopoly into a life-sized game play activity to enjoy.

leisure and hospitality have evolved such as pubs and bars not being solely centred on only eating and drinking. these experiences are really coming to the forefront when looking at team building days for work events or gatherings. competitive socialising is a growing sector with new openings regularly around the UK we are seeing a spin on original gaming activities.

as the new twist on gaming experiences broadens, we are seeing activities range from fairground games and virtual gaming. some popular socialising activities that have been modernised to create new experiences whilst still giving you the nostalgic feel range from,

  • crazy golf
  • electric shuffle
  • axe throwing
  • escape rooms
  • bingo
  • board games
  • darts
  • arcade games

immersive experiences bring a whole new dimension to events and are great ice breakers for a shared experience that gives people something in common, which makes it easier for everyone to connect and interact. these experiences also mean that everyone can play and be involved in.

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