The Importance Of Meeting Face to Face

The Importance Of Meeting Face to Face

This week has been a busy week for the Seven Events team yet one thing has become abundantly clear – meeting someone face to face never loses its importance.

At the beginning of the week we attended the Event Organisers Summit held at the Hilton London Wembley as a supplier. It was two days jam packed full of individual, one to one meetings with a networking reception and dinner in the evening. A format that is used time and again both when we attend events as well as organising them for others.

In an age where email tends to take over, the tendency to contact people this way often wins. Obviously it has its place as you may need to follow up a conversation or have a paper trail of what you’ve discussed, but the importance of actual contact never falters.
You don’t necessarily remember the person who emails you, let’s face it if you work in events how many emails do you get a day? However the person sat in front of you for 20 minutes has the opportunity to become memorable. Early working relationships are formed often just by sitting across a table from each other.

If you like this person and what they have to say I’m willing to bet you will be more likely to take their phone-call, respond to their email or agree to meet them again – would you do this is you hadn’t actually met them? Probably not.

Watching others in action this week at one of our clients events purely cemented this observation. Seeing someone animated and passionate about what they do and where they work is infectious – something that can really only be conveyed by meeting them in person.
From gentleman (perhaps of a certain age) it was always said that the best deals were made on the golf course – in the world of events its more likely that the best relationships are formed over a glass of champagne but the message is still the same…
A successful working relationship between any two people is based on trust, likeability and being able to deliver, and meeting them face to face is the best start!

Multi-ethnic business people greeting each other