The Importance of Branding

The Importance of Branding

Branding is one of the most important factors of an event. Why is so important? Well for starters it will boost brand awareness, customer retention, client loyalty and help you gain new clients which will all eventually lead to increased revenue.

The vital principles behind branding at events are consistency in your brand message and reinforcing that message at every possible opportunity.  Through brand interaction and exciting experiences, you are able to connect with the consumers.

Your brand should be at the heart of your business and is the message your customers receive time and time again.  You need it to differentiate you from your competitors and help you reach target audiences they may not have been able to reach.

When organising an event, you want your branding to be everywhere, you want guests to remember the event and remember your brand.  Pay close attention to consistent visual branding, from the typeface you use in your handouts to the colours of your event signage — the visual standards that represent your event brand shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Branding at the event should be easily recognisable.

Branding Ideas
  • Social Media – To bring your brand to life, an easy and cost-effective way is to create visual content for the key social media channels.
  • Posters and flyers – Strategically place them at your entrances and exits to remind your attendees (and accidental passer-by) of where they are!

Floor, window and stair vinyl’s

  • Free gifts give you a very real opportunity to spread your brand to households across the globe.
  • Branded food.


Let us help you

Planning the right event can be challenging, that’s why we are here, our experienced team can provide you with the right option for you. If you want to find out more about how we do this, contact a member of our events team, they will be happy to tell you all about their experiences. To have a look at some of the other amazing events we have organised click on the link below.