improving work from home life during lockdown 3.0

improving work from home life during lockdown 3.0

ten months after the covid-19 pandemic started back in march, we find ourselves in (yet another) lockdown – not exactly the 2021 news we were hoping for!

with shops, gyms and restaurants closed for at least 6 weeks, it is more important than ever to look after your team’s mental health and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

pulling on experience from earlier this year, here are our top three tips for caring and motivating your team during these challenging times:


regular communication
as humans, we thrive off interaction and that is limited during a lockdown. if you have postponed your january kick off conference, why not think about taking it virtual? we have our very own digital event platform, hubseven, which allows you to communicate seamlessly with your audience and they can interact with you back!

we also have lots of exciting virtual team building activities to help motivate and bond your team – take a look here:


encourage your colleagues to spend time outside
ensuring that your team are taking time for themselves during the day is incredibly important during these times. with the nights drawing in early, encourage your team to take a lunch time walk or perhaps a team run before work starts!


letterbox treats
receiving a tasty treat through the post always bring a smile to your face. we have some wonderful options, take a look at our blog:


taking your events into the virtual world still might seem daunting, but our experts are on hand to answer your questions. get in touch on email at or call our office on +44 (0)207 659 4430.