Innovative Ways to Jazz Up Late Night Events in London

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Innovative Ways to Jazz Up Late Night Events in London

There are so many late night events happening in London these days that it is very easy for them all to start to blur into one. Everyone loves a good night out, but not everyone loves to stand on sticky floors with music pumping so loud they have no idea what anyone is saying to them. London is definitely leading the way in providing some alternative late night events, so with competition so high it’s time to start thinking about some new and unique ways to make your event stand out. So this is what we here at Seven Events have brainstormed as some Innovative Ways to Jazz up Late Night Events in London.

It’s hard to build excitement around the same old nightclub, same old cocktail bar, or same old 24 hour casino as the venue for your late night event. Chances are people have been, many times before. As any event planner will know, venue choice is key to the success of any event, day or night. Rooftops are a massive current trend and yes that may mean everyone is doing it, but they never fail to impress. There are endless rooftop bars popping up all over London, and there not just sticking to the summer season either, now they can even be a venue choice during the winter months. Think igloos, insulated pods, stretch tents with fire pits and big furry blankets. But if that is just not innovative enough for you then it is time to start thinking outside the box, these days you can hire London Underground tube carriages, or the tunnels underneath the train tracks. You can hire churches and turn them into your very own nightclub, the acoustics are incredible. Or create your very own bit of the seaside with an urban beach in the city.

Another create innovative idea to jazz up your late night event is to immerse your guests in an experience. Transport them to another world, somewhere even their wildest dreams couldn’t take them. Immersive experience events take guests on a journey and involve them in every step of that journey, think Alice in Wonderland, down the rabbit hole. But you can pick absolutely any theme for this, the more elaborate the better. There are plenty of experiential event organisers who can help create something spectacular and unique for your event, using their knowledge of event production and providing everything from characters and actors to props and styling. During the event it’s great to provide as many interactive points as possible, as most guests love to get involved. Interactive stations can be as simple as wine tasting, champagne tasting or gin tasting, perhaps guests can make their own canapes, or their own desserts. But if you don’t want to make your guests work for their food, how about adding a touch of murder mystery or play on the escape room trend and create games guests have to play to reach the real party at the end.

Tying in quite nicely with the above, another innovative idea for late night events is to add in some augmented reality. Arguably the biggest and fastest moving trend of the last couple of years, augmented reality is extremely popular and everyone wants to get their hands on it. For this it can be as simple as providing headsets to guests and let them battle against each other playing video games or send them on an augmented reality treasure hunt. But for something a little more sophisticated and new, why not create your own augmented reality cocktail menu or dinner menu. A very new concept just recently hitting the market, guests can download an app that sees drinks using phone’s camera and then fills the customer’s screen with colourful displays and illusions, from a big band in concert to a pair of battleships firing cannons at each other. Each animation is meant to reflect the drink’s theme and flavours, and can be snapped to be shared on social media.

Lastly, let’s take a step back from the modern world and let’s go retro. Anyone can put on a mix of ‘Now that’s what I call the 80’s’ and call it a retro party, so for something a bit more innovative it’s time to take things a few steps further. Most of us can identify with the carefree fun of youth. Reminding your attendees of that fun can make for a very unique late night event. You can use things like ball pits, trampoline parks or crazy golf courses to bring out the inner child in your attendees. For something a bit more grown up, think crystal maze or rebel bingo, put a late night spin on classic old school events. Everyone secretly loves to indulge in a spot of nostalgia once in a while.

The list could be endless for all the different options the above ideas can create, and they can all be as simple or as elaborate as is necessary for your target audience. Keeping people entertained is the key factor in all successful late night events and these innovative ideas will certainly go a long way to jazz up any late night event.