introducing health & wealth events in 2022

introducing health & wealth events in 2022

introducing health & wealth events in 2022

2022 has started with a strong focus on sustainability and we agree this is the best direction for events, however we must not forget health and wellbeing within an event is of equal importance. part of having a sustainable event is to reduce the amount of food waste, however we can also look at the type of food being provided and how our agendas can incorporate time to get up and move. here are our top #3 tips to including health and wellbeing into your next event.

#1 food

most venues now provide tea, coffee and biscuits or pastries as the standard for refreshment breaks – that doesn’t mean you need to have them at your event. why not try something more refreshing for your guest’s morning arrival with their tea and coffee, such as fresh seasonal fruit smoothies, or slices of wholemeal toast with avocado. make sure fruit teas or no-sugar drinks are also being served alongside unlimited water. ask your venue to serve dressings and condiments separately to the dishes so guests can make a choice as to if they wish to include them on their lunchtime meal. for afternoon snacks, swap out those chocolate biscuits for homemade granola bars, fruit skewers or vegetable sticks with houmous.

we aren’t telling you to completely get rid of sweet treats – if you would like to include them, that’s great. just ensure there is a range of fresh, healthy options as well so you can give your guests the choice. it really does make all the difference.

#2 surrounding space

when selecting a venue, you have a set list of requirements and one of those should be the surrounding area. promote an active travel to and from the event venue by selecting your event space with public transport a 15-minute walk away. or hire a car park a short walking distance from the venue to encourage guests to walk a scenic route from the car park to the event. you could also provide a wellness experience in the morning for guests prior to your event. for example, a yoga session, a walking route of the venue gardens or even a meditation session. these small additions can increase productivity, reduce anxiety, and benefit the wellbeing of your guests which is always a winner.

#3 agenda

there can always be lots of things you may need to cram into an agenda, whether that’s networking, educational sessions, discussion time – it is important to remember time to get up and move about. why not extend your lunch hour to an hour and a half. allow guests to have an hour for lunch and then 30 minutes to walk around the venue or gardens to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. if you’re tight for time, you can include small breaks in your agenda to follow a series of stretches to get everyone feeling energised and ready for the next talk. standing stations are a great option to include instead of only seats. ensure your venue can include tables at the side and back of the room to encourage guests to stand if they wish to during sessions.

in summary, there are lots options you can include to ensure you are running a ‘healthy’ event. at seven events we understand trying to include these additional requirements to your event for guests can be a challenge – that’s why our expert planners are on hand to help you every step of the way. give us a call on +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or drop us an email at – we’d love to hear from you!