It’s not all about the beer!

It’s not all about the beer!

It’s not all about the beer!


We had the first of a series of incentive trips to Munich last week and they just had the best time.

Perhaps not necessarily top of the list when thinking of incentives but it really has a lot to offer – and it’s not just about the beer!

We stayed at the brilliantly located Kempinski Hotel and it’s just the best place to get to everything from. The staff were attentive and friendly and our guests loved the fact that they could walk out of the hotel and be straight in the city centre.


From partying the night away at Hugo’s restaurant to climbing the Olympic Stadium and then zip lining over the top of it, the group didn’t stop and rest for a minute. This was a great activity and one that challenged some peoples fear of heights a little!

After a pit stop for a traditional Bavarian lunch it was time to explore the city with a city hunt. This group were a competitive lot so they were running round Munich trying to see everything and gain as many points as possible.


The winning team were crowned over a beer to celebrate (well they had to have one stein whilst they were there) and then it was on to Kuffler for some delicious food before hitting the bars and checking out the nightlife.


It may be a bit of a whistle stop tour however the group had a fun time and are already getting the rest of the company excited about their upcoming trips over the summer.