keep or change?

keep or change?

during our time in lockdown so many things have altered in our lives but what bits will you keep and what will you change and go back to the old way?

if you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with family or sharing a place with friends, you’ve probably never spent so much time together. have you liked it? or if you’ve been alone you’ve probably never video called so many people. in fact, we’ve all probably spent more time talking to our friends and family than we would have done normally because then we’re “too busy”.

so will you continue to do that, or will you revert back to your old ways?

we’ve done a lot of the jobs that we’ve been putting off for weeks and months, but will we learn from this and keep those cupboards tidy or will we find this time next year that we’ve gone back to normal?

the same principle applies to work – what will change? perhaps you’ve always thought that you couldn’t work from home, or that you wouldn’t like it… this may have changed your view (or your companies) that you can.. and you do.

how we now work has changed during this time. at sevenevents we’ve all got used to team calls via zoom, all events going online rather than just some, introductions to our services via video links and virtual drinks on a friday! but now is the time to think. what bits do you want to keep and what do you want to change?

we’re not out of this situation yet, so there’s still time to decide. what will you keep or change?