keeping businesses afloat

keeping businesses afloat

we all have our favourite go to places in our lives and one thing that lockdown has made us realise is that we want to make sure those businesses are still there when we all get back to some kind of normality. so, is there anything you can do to help them during these times?

stay local

a lot of businesses are still delivering even if they can’t physically open so if you need something, look locally. we’re all guilty of clicking through to amazon for ease once in a while, but try and look a little closer to home and see if a local business can offer you what you’re looking for.

are they still open?

if you’re partial to the odd restaurant meal (and let’s face it, who isn’t) then some places are still doing deliveries or collections and if these businesses have managed to reopen during these challenging times then let’s support them. now you have permission to order that takeaway guilt free!

how else can we support?

we all know that there are some businesses who won’t be able to open for many weeks still but why not think about buying a gift voucher to spend at a later date? you know that you’re going to want to go there and spend your money anyway, so if you can, support them in advance when times are particularly hard.