key considerations before hiring a virtual event agency

key considerations before hiring a virtual event agency

planning a virtual event can seem daunting – there is often a huge amount of work to pull together in a short space of time, but for virtual event companies, this is like water off a duck’s back. finding the perfect virtual event agency for you might seem like a hard task at first, so have a read of our key considerations below before you get started.

meet the team
the virtual event company you hire for your event will become an extension of your team, so it’s important you know you can work with them and trust them to make your dreams become a reality. at seven events, we are a small but experienced and close-knit team. you can be confident in the knowledge that you will be working with the same team members from pitch right through to delivery and that is something we really pride ourselves on. take a look at our team bio’s on our website by clicking here

online event platform
your online event platform is just as important as a real-life venue – it is the first point of contact with your users and a slick easy to use interface will ensure your guests are free to concentrate on what’s really important. your virtual event agency should be able to recommend a platform that meets your requirements, allows audience interaction and ultimately, fits within your budget. at seven events, we are proud to offer our very own platform, hub seven.

hub seven is an integrated event application that creates an authentic event experience for attendees on a web-based platform. in the absence of a physical venue, our platform creates a virtual hub where your delegates can navigate around the event. arriving on the day will be a seamless process, signing in with a login key to view the event agenda, sponsors, speakers, and other delegate profiles. you can move from plenary to breakouts with the content on-demand, live q&a, polling and even incorporate networking and team activities. want to know more? visit our site or get in touch with the team to book a demo!

innovation and creativity
virtual events can sometimes have a stigma for being less exciting than the in-person equivalent so using a creative agency to bring your event to life will really help. whether it is a mindfulness session to start the day off the right way or pizzas for dinner, your agency should bring a plethora of ideas to the table. some of the seven events most popular options have been cocktail sessions, sweet treats for break times or branded notepads, pens and water bottles. for more inspiration, visit the seven events blog page by clicking here.

event delivery

there’s more to delivering a virtual event than meets the eye, so having an experienced team by your side throughout the live days is important. when considering an agency, ask key questions like “have you run this type of event before?” “what will my presenter see on the day” or “what happens if something goes wrong?”. seven events are experts when it comes to onsite event management. here are a couple of the things we will do to ensure your virtual event goes off without a hitch:

  • technical checks with all presenters prior to the live event day
  • online help desk live throughout your event
  • contingency plans are written up and signed off in advance
  • the experienced team on hand to support you, your guests and your presenters

production and studio facilities
achieving engagement levels can be difficult during a virtual event, so presenting from a studio and having slick production can really help to elevate your content delivery. presenting from a studio gives the speaker the opportunity to interact with the audience at home, just like you would in person. seven events have lots of options when it comes to fully virtual or hybrid events and our team will work hard to find the best solution for both your audience and your budget.

seven events are an experienced team of event professionals. in the last year, they have delivered a whole host of successful virtual events. if you are planning a virtual event, get in touch with the team now to see how they can bring your ideas to life on +44 (0)207 659 4430 or