latin american incentives

latin american incentives

choosing an original destination to organise an original incentive is challenging, even more when we have so many options around the world. so why not take the opportunity to travel to latin-america? there are many countries to visit in latin-america and each of them has its own characteristics, beauty, and facilities to organise your incentive. you will find beach, nature, history, art, food and much more.

to help you choose, seven events have selected 5 of the best countries to visit in Latin America. read and get ready to plan your next incentive!

1 – chile

chile is a fascinating destination that enchants all travellers who arrive there. it offers many adventure activities, diversity of landscapes, an immense production of wines and rich gastronomy. in addition, san pedro de atacama is considered by scientists as one of the best places on the planet to observe the stars. in terms of cultural activities, you can also visit the houses of the poet pablo neruda, easter island or rapa nui, with its large stone statues or moai, and try, in addition to wine, pisco sour, a typical chilean drink.

2 – brazil

the country is full of contrasts and one of the most attractive in the world. you can enjoy its beautiful beaches, the local gastronomy (such as feijoada and caipirinha), get to know the iguazú falls, which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, visit the lençóis marahenses national park, walk through the urban streets from são paulo and more. brazil is a very big country, so there is a lot to see and take advantage of.

3 – mexico

mexico is also one of the best countries to visit in latin america. you will find a lot of history that will transport you to different times. you can, for example, visit colonial cities, such as guanajuato, zacatecas, querétaro and morelia. the country mixes different cultures with many colors and beauty that make mexico a destination full of traditions, such as the well-known celebration of the day of the dead.

you can also visit the pyramid of the sun in teotihuacán, its numerous museums, especially in mexico d.c., take advantage of its beaches, its food – which has already been named intangible heritage of humanity – the local crafts and its landscapes.

4 – argentina

as well as the other countries of latin america, in argentina you will also be able to see many impressive landscapes in cities such as bariloche, mendoza and ushuaia – the latter known as the city of the “end of the world”. be sure to visit the famous iguazú falls, which share a border with brazil and paraguay.

do not forget to go to buenos aires, capital of the country. the destination is full of architectural, cultural and gastronomic diversity. it is worth seeing a tango presentation, trying the typical barbecue and having a coffee at the famous café tortoni, founded in 1858.

5 – colombia

this destination is perfect if you like to dance and party, because this is in the blood of colombia. in addition, the country has colonial towns scattered everywhere, such as villa de leviya, one of the most beautiful. if you prefer paradisiacal islands with the waters of the caribbean sea, you should visit san andrés and providencia. another place worth visiting is cartagena de indias, with its colors and charm.

these are some of the best countries to visit in latin america. whichever you choose, there is no doubt that you will find a lot of charm, warm people, colors, flavors and entertainment. you will surely enjoy some very pleasant days, with a lot of culture, nature and history.

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