letterbox surprises

letterbox surprises

post these days can be a bit dull, so when something exciting arrives through your letterbox it can really make your day. that is why we have been sourcing the very best postable surprises that will help you make your next virtual event extra special.

how about kick starting your event day with a virtual yoga session and a healthy smoothie. our smoothie posting packs, are hassle free with, no chopping, no mess and no nasties. the frozen smoothie pouches, just require a splash of water, blitz & go for an instant healthy boost.

then moving on into you event day, keep your delegates going with a delicious lunch delivery; we can help with pizza kits, picnic boxes and diy waffles delivered straight to the door with easy instructions to follow along with at home to make or assemble the tasty treat.

to finish of the day why not couple one of our fun virtual team activities, like musical bingo, a pub quiz, escape room or a murder mystery with some cocktails to really spice things up. our cocktail delivery is the perfect solution, expertly crafted drinks, that you can simply shake the sleeve, pinch and tear off the corner, and pour over ice. how exciting is that!

for more info on our letterbox surprises, please get in touch with the team at info@sevenevents.co.uk