how to leverage hubseven for corporate events and virtual team building

how to leverage hubseven for corporate events and virtual team building

in light of the impact of coronavirus on the events industry, an increasing number of event organizers are shifting to virtual events as an alternative to postponing or cancelling upcoming events. whether you are hosting a simple webinar, a full-scale virtual conference, or online team building activities, leveraging our online event platform hubseven will allow corporate event planners to create a great environment. in the virtual world, your digital environment is your venue, so using this tool is an important part of creating a great event and an engaging experience.

hubseven offers virtual event production and streaming services to help you stream high-quality live video to your attendees. hubseven also has both in-house and outsourced production services so you don’t have to shop around for all of your different components, the platform and sevenevents will tailor your virtual event to include everything you will need. in addition, the hubseven platform allows attendees to engage, network, and have open discussions.

for those who are new to the virtual environment, it’s important to make their journey as easy as possible, firstly so they don’t switch off, and secondly, so they come back for more. to begin, the hubseven platform integrates with our event registration system to capture all necessary information automatically. registrants then go directly to the virtual event page to get all the essentials, including the agenda, sessions and speaker and attendee directories. they can easily create their itinerary and click to attend a session. these customisable tabs put everything at attendees’ fingertips. whilst listening to the speaker, for example, attendees will also be able to check their personal event page to read the speaker bio or download information sheets supporting the session content. furthermore with capabilities like the chat function and question submission will ensure that your guests feel as immersed in the virtual environment as possible.

so how does the platform help to keep your audience engaged during the whole duration of your virtual event? the first step is engaging speakers and content touching on a relevant topic of interest. the second is offering a variety of options to participate in a live discussion through questions, polling, and fun ways to reinforce curated event content, known as event gamification. networking is one of the top challenges in corporate event management and a common request among attendees. in fact, many event planners would name networking as their biggest obstacle in navigating virtual events, which is why we have made sure to have inbuilt simple yet effective tools to take this weight off your mind. it’s all the best parts of networking without the worry of which hand to hold your drink in.

virtual events generate a wealth of data. with everything online, usage data is easy to capture and curate via powerful analytics that the platform generates. you can measure event performance with up-to-the-minute data on attendee numbers, views, questions, downloads, posts and shares. what’s more, we can create custom reports for your exact needs in just a couple of clicks.

so when you are looking at hosting your next virtual event, consider investing and using hubseven as leverage to help you deliver high-quality audio and visual experience and promote attendee engagement throughout your virtual event. you can combine your corporate event management tools with your event management platform to tackle the virtual world to deliver a comprehensive event experience to reach attendees wherever they are.