Listoke Gin School

Listoke Gin School

We all know Gin has some great health benefits. But, while we consider ourselves to be experts in the art of the G&T, we’re the first to admit that we still have a lot to learn about our favourite drink. Now there is a better way to learn than just drinking copious amounts…


There is a Gin School!


While there are several tours, masterclasses and create-your-own gin experiences around the UK. Listoke Distillery has been making headlines as Ireland’s first ever school dedicated to juniper. The day sounds perfect:


You will be greeted with light refreshments upon arrival. This is followed by a brief introduction and history of Listoke Estate and the distilling heritage. They then give you a tour of their distillery and the state of the art equipment. Then the fun begins!


They treat you to 3 different gin profiles. This assists you in designing the flavour profile for your own personal gin. Subsequently they educate you on botanicals. Once you’ve selected your botanicals you will be ready to distill your own exclusive bottle in your own miniature still. Once distilled you bottle, label and seal your product…what you do with it afterwards is totally up to you. And of course, refreshments and G&T’s will be served throughout your class!!!


Listoke is even perfect for a corporate incentive so if you need help booking this gin school for your team let us know!