lockdown birthdays and christmas 2020

lockdown birthdays and christmas 2020

at first glance, you’re probably thinking – what a depressing thought! but if you, a loved one or even a colleague has a birthday looming in lockdown v2 or are panicking about what to do for christmas, we’ve got some tips!

first off, whilst its an obvious one, get on zoom or facetime, keep in touch with people throughout the day to keep up those spirits. this time however make it different, we’ve lived on video calls this year, so make it more of an occasion. there are a number of virtual activities and events you can take part in to celebrate!

  1. drink tastings

whatever you decide to choose, all pick the same drinks and have a virtual tasting.  wine, beers, spirits or even cocktails, which adds an extra dimension of all making them together! you could do this as a casual setting, or check out our virtual teambuilding page, where we have a selection of virtual tastings, run by our professionals here

  1. group activities; virtual escape rooms, murder mysteries, horse racing, anything else you can think of?

just because you’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean you can’t do some fun stuff virtually, that you might usually do in real life for your birthday or whatever the occasion! the escape room trend is still very much there, but just virtual, and there are a lot to choose from.  missing ascot? why not do it anyway, online?

  1. travel

sound silly in these times, but if we told you that you could visit 22 countries across the world on your birthday, what would you think? unlock different answers with clues in each country, enabling you to get to the next one.  the person with the most passion for travel, visiting the most countries, wins! for someone who has been missing travel this year, this is the perfect gift or activity – i won’t claim for a second that it will be as good as the real-life thing, but we have to get what we can right?! if you’re lost for how to book it, check out the globe trotting we do at sevenevents here – it’s definitely kept us sane this year.

moving on to christmas, it seems to be fast approaching and none of us know what we will be able to do this year.  with the post being hit and miss, its important to get our gifts out early to ensure they get there on time! we at seven events have come up with a range of creative options, to either match with a virtual activity, or just something a bit creative to really fit the theme of this year not being able to see people in the reality as we’d like.

flowers, wine and chocolate are a standard, but how about pizza in the post, dinner delivered or a smoothie pack; not just a gift but something for someone in lockdown to enjoy making too?

if you’re organising a virtual christmas activity, don’t lose the enjoyment of the season, personalised or branded christmas jumpers or socks can help everyone feel like they are together, even if its just over a december zoom drink.

it’s important to remember that just because we are indoors, we can still take part in fun activities over christmas! wreath making is a popular activity in real life, and we can still take part in it this year. at seven events we have a fantastic virtual wreath making activity, where your group will receive items in the post, to all be able to follow an expert in how to make the perfect wreath.

it’s been a very different and also tough year so far for us all, but give us a shout at seven if you need help giving those special occasions or employee motivation that extra boost!

find out more here: https://www.sevenevents.co.uk/virtual-team-building/ or get in touch for more inspo on: info@sevenevents.co.uk